About Us


Gary Clarkson


No relation to the talentless singer or curly haired twonk on TV, Gary was born in Germany at the tender age of 0 and is currently on the run from the German travelling circus. He is a trained woodlouse tamer and has a debilitating phobia of shelves. He is currently working on his second poetry book entitled 'Extreme Poetry Volume 2' and says that he gets most of his inspiration from screaming children and people who attempt to shave on moving trains.


Christian Langdon


Gary's partner in crime and occasionally an improvised clown, Christian has been laying down since the nineties and says that he finds it "Hysterically relaxing". He has been arrested on numerous occasions for indecent exposure although he argues that this is purley a case of "cheap trousers with faulty flies" and the fact that "it really is THAT big..." Christian now resides in the Midlands and spends most of his time drinking cider and making people feel uncomfortable on buses.


John Carden


John is currently working for the media as a graphic designer (although I know the truth and he is only employed to water the plants in the window boxes). Self-confessed ladies man, he is in the process of publishing his first book 'All You Need is Chloroform!' John recently made another group on facebook entitled 'I dig holes in the road looking for water pipes then write abusive messages on them for the waterboard to find later' and in 2 weeks has gone from having one member to being removed from facebook altogether.


Ben Lacey


Computer genius and possibly the angriest man you'll ever meet, Ben 'Short fuse' Lacey has been involved in more street brawls and violent encounters than you can shake a stick at, although shaking a stick at Ben would just be seen as antagonisation and another excuse to lash out. Ben currently works as a sucessful herbal therapist and resides in Bristol under numerous bridges.