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A sad state of affairs....

Posted by ben on May 20, 2011

Hi all,

Well, the past couple of weeks have been some of the craziest I've experienced since this silly activity went global, its been great to have more coverage for our beloved game but at what cost? as I'm sure you are probably aware by now a young man tragically died in australia while playing and yet another young lad is in hospital after taking a picture on a moving car...

People, PLEASE DONT RISK YOUR LIFE OR HEALTH FOR THE SAKE OF A PHOTO!!! never thought I'd have to say that about our game but unfortunatly its what its come to. Remember that this is supposed to be a bit of harmless fun, not a 'sport' in which people are trying to outdo each other by lying down in the most dangerous places possible!

Peace out people! :)


Posted by ben on April 11, 2011

Hi all, yes yes we know its been a long time since we posted anything but with the recent spate of interest again it seems like a good time to get this great website for our amazing game up and active again! once again, there WILL be updates and there WILL be news weekly! and maybe some more stuff if we see enough interest and maybe if we dont because we just like to do that sort of thing. So lets kick our first update in nearly 2 years off with a VERY exciting bit of news from down under.

A drink called SOLO (which according to our good friend in OZ Mr Hoppin is "Quite nice actually") has seen fit to hold a competition to find the best Unofficial game, obviously we weren't going to pass the opportunity up to garner yet more publicity for our awesome game (and of course see if we can make a little cash in the process!) and have signed up! we are doing rather well BUT WE NEED YOUR VOTES!

And its simple, follow the link and press 'Like' and that's your vote!


So please, if you have a few seconds to spare then Vote! :)

Speak to you all soon!


It's like art, innit?

Posted by ben on September 11, 2009

Hello my lying down lovelies. Been a long time since I last posted anything, and I'm blaming work. For some reason they expect me to actually be productive, so I've had little time to do much else. Still, plenty of lie downs are being posted on Facebook and it's about time I got back into showing some of the best, so here's one for you to feast your peepers on:

Such imagination should not go unrecognised. This superb lie down by Rob Stewart shows a flair for lying down not seen since the glory days of the olden times when Gary was pushing the boundaries. The juxtaposition of mannequin and man almost represents our obsession with image, or some artistic crap like that. I salute you, Rob.

Oh, and when I get back from holiday I'll be doing some improvements to the site - to the map, and potentially ripping the group photos from facebook so you can start seeing the top 10 photos rather than trawling through all 13,000. See you in two weeks!

Bëaütiful Nørwåy

Posted by ben on August 6, 2009

Norway, land of fyords, that funny o with the line through it and ... some other things I can't think of right now. Here's a quality lie-down in that majestic country from Michael Fjelde Haugen, which I expect will soon be in the Norwegian Tourist Board's next brochure:

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Fixed Lie Down Map

Posted by ben on July 31, 2009

OK, so while pushing the series of knobs, buttons, dials, knobs and levers that work this here Internet machine, I broke the map. Sorry bout that. Should be fixed now - try adding the locations of your lie-downs and see if it works...

Anyway, forgetting that boring stuff, here's a great lie-down from Chad Derby, in somewhere called Font Màgica de Montjuïc. Yeah. I've got no idea where that is either.

Anyway, excellent form from Chad, and superb exposure too. Mad props, Chad!

Hello and welcome!

Posted by gary on July 28, 2009

So here it is! the home of The lying down game, Here you can post you photos, Play for prizes or just come in and have a browse around at the best and most random lie downs on the net. We are aiming to become the number one resource for all things related to our great game and hope that you'll continue to support it and keep those photos coming in, Over the next few weeks we will be holding various competitions for prizes as well as (hopefully!) have a shop up and running where you will be able to buy some quality lying down related clobber. So come on in and have a look round! and remember to check back regulalary for news and site updates!